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I am Momoko Takeda. I am a chef and owner of Momo Kitchen.


I believe that we all should be looking forward to meals every day. 

Meal give you energy and comfort. Meal should be joy and fulfilling to your mind. Meal bring people together and create beautiful memory.


Always keep it simple, seasonal, sustainable. 

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My Story

Momoko begun working as a food stylist after studying at Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. 

​After few years being food stylist, she started questioning her self if she really enjoys buying all the unnecessary ingredients and often waisting the end of the day. 


One day, she realized that her true passion is cooking for people, makes people smile and happy. She studied at French Culinary Institute. She had many years of experiences in working at some of the prestigious restaurants in NYC before she started her own catering service.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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